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Basically life as a student, person of color, activist, lover, extremist, twin, non monogamist, dancer, person who is fluid,feminist, human,gender non conforming, food enthusiast,friend, superhero/regular person :) Most of this will probably be retelling of things I've heard and seen, and something will just be for the hell of it.

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October 18, 2011 7:45 pm


Occupy Newark New Jersey is holding its first General assembly meeting Sunday the 23rd at Peter Fransico Park (behind Penn Station) from 3pm thru 6pm.

Can we OcuppytheHood Pleaseeeee?

There isnt much information about what’s happening or who’s coming but it looks like this is going to have the same issue with exclusion and race that we are seeing all over the county.I would love to crash this meeting with a bunch of brown angry revolutionaries FROM the Brickz (Newark). 


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